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"By taking a flying leap into the unknown all sorts of wonderful adventures emerge."

The most concise training available today enabling you to come up to speed and get into action fast. When you couple this highly consumable education with specific software tools you’ll be unstoppable. You’ll have the strategies and tools you need to take action.
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The Agile Entrepreneur’s “GAME PLAN” is my upcoming book. Inside you’ll uncover 7 incredible business and marketing strategies. Ideas which you can act on now to stay streets ahead of your nearest competitors.
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I help you, as an agile entrepreneur, attract more of the right kind of prospects. Convert more of those prospects into your ideal customers. Add so much value that your customers become true fans that can’t stop raving about you. Creating out of the box strategies that achieve this for you is what gets me pumped.
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Mr Volts Local Sydney Electrician

Electrical Work Done Differently!
Residential electrical specialist
24/7 repairs
light & power
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The toolbox is an awesome tool used by makers of hand-made soap. The app provides the tools and information that a ‘soaper’ needs to get the job done every time. It’s more than just a lye calculator (it is that as well). The toolbox provides all the information and guidance you need. This is for you if you make soap for your family or want to create a satisfying business.
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Caring for Orphans, Destitute & Widows

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Always looking to take the next flying leap into the unknown...
Stephen Neander
Stephen Neander
Father of 5. Serial entrepreneur.
Stephen Neander is a marketing strategy expert, the CEO at cloud9 Business and a certified Master NLP Practitioner. He grew up in Australia and has owned numerous online and offline businesses before he started his own digital marketing agency.

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